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The secret of happiness is having a convertible and a lake.Charlie Brown

 Wedding at lake? That's a good idea!

Although Lake Como is the most famous in the world, the other great lakes of northern Italy are no less beautiful.

Each deeply different from the others, they respond to different spirits.

Lake Garda, a small expanse of water which marks the border between Lombardy and Veneto, is a favourite destination for watersport lovers, and offers youthful and unusual alternatives for a real wedding party. Writers and poets of all times have loved and sang the beauty of Lake Garda, which with its picturesque villages, the perfect climate and the magical atmosphere that represents one of the most dreamed scenarios by all the spouses who wish to seal their promise of love at unique place.

On the contrary Lake Maggiore, with its prestigious villas and beautiful gardens, presents a noble soul to the visitor.Stresa, Pallanza, Verbania, Baveno, the Borromean Islands: the landscapes of Lake Maggiore have inspired several writers and poets from all over the world, who have written praise verses on its incredible beauty.

Lake Orta and Lake Iseo are more intimate and simple, and also much smaller in their dimensions. At Lake Orta everything recalls romance and intimacy. The hills of Lake Orta hide authentic treasures of art and history, small ancient villages where time stopped a few centuries ago, making them the perfect setting for a romantic and intimate wedding.

And what about you: which lake do you like the most?


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