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Among the most desirable locations in all the world for a destination wedding, Lake Como is synonymous with refinement, elegance and glamour.

Based on Lake Como since 2004, White Notes Wedding Planner intimately knows this blue diamond in Italy and it is the best choice for going beyond the gates of the most exclusive venues and for a bespoken wedding able to go over expectations.

We can truly say of been between the first wedding planners working on the lake, in all this years we’ve been managed weddings in Villa D’Este, Villa Erba, Villa Balbianello, Grand Hotel Tremezzo and many others.

Contact us for having a pleasurable and stress free getaway wedding experience on Lake Como.

Tuscany is in the wedding dreams of couples from all around the world: White Notes Wedding planner will help you in finding the perfect place for your romantic I Do between Renaissance villas, Italian gardens and wineyards as far as the eye can see.

Your experience in Tuscany will be tastier than you can imagine: our wedding planner team scouted the best caterer for offering you and your guests the best Italian food and wine.

Contact us for having a pleasurable and stress free getaway wedding experience in Tuscany.




Rome, Venice, and Florence above all, but also Naples, Palermo, Verona, are unique settings where history, art, and folklore dance between dream and reality.

And in which better place could you seal your promises of "forever" than in an “eternal” city?

Thanks to the wide experience in weddings, White Notes Wedding Planner vaunt solid collaborations with the best suppliers all over Italy and guarantee the best experience for your getaway weddings whichever destination you choose.

If you love Italy, than you can’t avoid to considering Amalfi Coast, Capri, Apulia and Sicily for you getaway wedding. No word can describes the fascination of these land full of beauty and history.

The coast alternates between sheer cliffs plunging into the sea and beautiful beaches nestling between rocky headlands: White Notes Wedding Planner can help you in scouting the corner of paradise for your wedding cermony at the sea side.

Althought the beauty of the seaside, Amalfi Coast, Capri, Sicily and Apulia are much more than that: tradition, history, culture and food.

With a strong presence in South Italy, based in Trapani in the summer mounths, White Notes is the best wedding planner to discover the charmiest venues and to plan a fully Italian Wedding.

Contact us for having a pleasurable and stress free getaway wedding experience in South of Italy.

 Although Lake Como is the most famous in the world, the other great lakes of northern Italy are no less beautiful.

Profoundly different from each other, they respond to different spirits.

Let White Notes guide you along the blue shores and discover the wonderful alternatives offered by the great lakes to celebrate a wedding with a unique flavor.



Many places in Italy are known all over the world: for their art, landscapes, history, tradition, gastronomy... But the splendours Italy are not limited to the famous names.

Brianza, Monferrato, Langhe, Emilia Romagna, Umbria: these are lands full of charm waiting to be discovered!



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