You remind me of a poem I can’t remember a song that may never have existed and a place I’m not sure I’ve ever been toEfraim Medina Reyes


Among the most desirable locations in all the world for a destination wedding, Lake Como is synonymous with refinement and elegance, with a touch of glamour. It became famous across the centuries thanks to impressions created by great exponents of the arts, and today it is more current than ever thanks to the many international stars who have chosen it for their big day.

For me, Lake Como is all this... and much more.



Tuscany does not need any introduction: its landscapes seem to be stolen straight from paintings, and everything speaks of harmony. It is the country of great artists and great men; perhaps you wonder whether Tuscany was the cradle of Renaissance, or whether it was the other way around.



Rome, Venice, and Florence above all, but also Naples, Palermo, Verona, are unique settings where history, art, and folklore dance between dream and reality.

And in which better place could you seal your promises of "forever" than in an “eternal” city?

In Italy 70% of the world's artistic heritage is present, so every city of ours is "a great museum, a living room to be crossed on tiptoe", as Alberto Sordi said about Rome.

Rome, Venice, Florence, Naples... how best to describe them?

A city is like a person: it has its soul, a way of telling its own story; a dark side, things that it likes, and things that just do not belong to it. Each of these cities is a diva, whose beauty does not fade despite its age but rather transcends beauty itself; and the best way to get to know a woman is not to ask her a thousand questions, but to walking with her; to get lost in her; and to be amazed by her details and to discover her every moment as if it were the first moment. In the same way, the best way to know a city is not to read a thousand guides; but to walk with it, to pay attention to where it pauses, how it moves its hands, how it smiles.

Or maybe it was the reverse? I do not know, but when you walk in these streets with the person you love, you fall in love again... and again... and again.

When you walk in these streets with the person you love, you want it to be "for a lifetime". 



Although Lake Como is the most famous in the world, the other great lakes of northern Italy are no less beautiful.

Each deeply different from the others, they respond to different spirits.



Many places in Italy are known all over the world: for their art, landscapes, history, tradition, gastronomy... But the splendours Italy are not limited to the famous names.

Brianza, Monferrato, Langhe, Emilia Romagna, Umbria: these are lands full of charm waiting to be discovered!




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