In order to be irreplaceable, one must always be different.Coco Chanel


To prepare these weddings it is necessary to use light and the principles of music scores: they must modulate presence and absence; light, colour, and volume; and they must make sound and visuals to complement other... because the secret for a glam wed is to minimise the distance between the environment and the guest. The right conductor can converge all the rhythms into one big beating, dancing heart.



For many years marriage was synonymous with splendour and elegance, but while the cameras and pens of the world were following great ceremonies such as the marriage of William and Kate, an ever-increasing number of young spouses-to-be started to choose the low-profile route. If you are looking to make your special day authentic, intimate, in touch with nature, and truly shared with your loved ones, the wedding trends which lend themselves to you are country and shabby chic. These trends then evolved into the boho formula.


Eskimos have more than fifty ways to describe white; women have more than fifty funny expressions to describe the white colour of the wedding dresses they try.

And then there's him: the groom. Sitting next to his wife-to-be, in front of the ribbon samples: organza, satin.... intent on choosing their wedding colour. He can not believe that this choice takes more than five minutes; he looks at his love and wonders: "We already decided white, no?".

She looks at him with a mixture of tenderness and pedantry: "Yes, my love; the point, though, is which white? White seems a little too generic a term, don’t you think?".


Romance, passion: the wedding is the realisation of a dream. It's the perfect happy ending to the most beautiful fairy tale ever told: your own.

The soundtrack to this wedding is "Love is in the air"; the enthusiasm of the couple is contagious, and at the conclusion of this wonderful adventure with them, you too, as the wedding planner, firmly believe in a fairy godmother exists: in some cases you really feel that you are the fairy godmother!


Romanticism is in that kiss under the mistletoe so that "we will never leave each other". And then to warm the heart, there is the first snowfall of the year and Christmas. “As long as you love me so: let it snow, let it snow, let it snow.”

If you have found yourself completely enchanted by these first few lines; if only through the mention of the words "snow" and "Christmas” you feel your inner child looking at you with big eyes; and if you feel an compelled to give him/her a gift... then let this gift be the most beautiful day of your life!

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