Country, Shabby or Boho…Provided chic!

Simplicity is supreme sophisticationLeonardo Da Vinci

Shabby chic is the present. For many years marriage was synonymous with splendour and elegance, but while the cameras and pens of the world were following great ceremonies, an ever-increasing number of young spouses-to-be started to choose the low-profile route. If you are looking to make your special day authentic, intimate, in touch with nature, and truly shared with your loved ones, the wedding trends which lend themselves to you are country and shabby chic. The first is more oriented towards beautiful open spaces, while the focus of the second is the furnishing elements chosen. These trends then evolved into the boho formula, where the key word is "decontextualize".

Cages, lanterns, wooden boxes, recycled jars: these are the main elements of the look. Besidesthat, if the country chic wedding reclaims hay bales as seats and adds a shabby polish to grandma’s understanding of how a wedding should look... well, boho takes that understanding out into the garden and hangs a chandelier from a tree.

The common theme among these styles is that they all demonstrate a great love for the past, or more specifically, for vintage. Restoring old objects and repurposing them for something other than their original use: here lies the secret to success for these weddings. Obviously they should never lose their "chic" soul, which for the planning of the wedding translatesinto nothing being left to chance!

This kind of wedding is not possible everywhere. The location that embodies it best is Tuscany: almost perfect! But of course, you can have your own country or shabby chic wedding without necessarily relocating it to those beautiful rolling hills: follow our blog or to write us to find out which are the most suitable places for you!


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