An enchanting wedding on Lake Maggiore: Ombretta and Andrea

A real wedding in one of the most exclusive locations in Italy: Lake Maggiore

The first time I met Ombretta was twelve years ago when her sister Silvia and Antonio got married and I was their wedding planner. It was a beautiful wedding day: the sun was shining and from the wedding venue we could enjoy a breath-taking view of Lake Maggiore.

Since her wedding, Silvia and I have been in touch and when she had to plan the 30th anniversary of her father’s company it was natural to call me as event planner. A new experience together and I knew it would have been more than a pleasure to work with Silvia and her family!

It was at the event that Ombretta introduced me to Andrea and announced to me that they were engaged…and they proposed to me to be their wedding planner!!!! 

Although a great feeling (that is very important between wedding planner and pair), we already knew each other and the pair completely trusted me, so it was so easy to find the way for their beautiful Wedding Day.


We didn’t visit many venues because they immediately fell in love with Villa Rusconi Clerici: a beautifully preserved late 19th-century house with an English-style garden, that faces the Borromean Gulf with a magnificent view of the famous islands.


The logistic was perfect: the bridal getting ready was in the charming private suite of the villa and the wedding ceremony was celebrated in the San Leonardo Church, right beside the property.

For the wedding ceremony décor Ombretta and Andrea chose white roses, lisianthus and hydrangeas and guests could find a little white organza bag with the mass booklet, some paper handkerchiefs and the cone with some rice to be thrown to the newlywed…as tradition requires!


At the end of the ceremony, guests walked to Villa Rusconi and welcomed the newlywed, who arrived by a typical lake boat.


The wedding buffet in the garden on the lake was superb, La Casa Dei Sapori Catering did a great job: high food quality and excellent service. The tasty beauty created by the combo venue and caterer enchanted the guests!

For the reception décor we preferred to bring some color and the pair decided for the shades of pink: extremely charming beside the blue of the lake and the green of the garden. Since the first moment Ombretta wished to have peonies, so for the bridal bouquet we used only peonies, while in the compositions we used peonies, roses and hydrangeas.

Ombretta and Andrea are a very romantic couple so I found perfect the shades and the flowers we chose, but they are also glamour and outgoing, I wanted somehow to reflect also this side of them in the wedding. For this reason, I propose them to mix the mise en place, we settled up two imperial tables with top in mirror and base in gold pink metal and gold pink chairs, from the Royal Line by Privitera Eventi. I also included in the décor many crystal elements and we used vintage glasses, for a bright effect even in the natural daily light.

Honestly I didn’t say everything to Ombretta and Andrea about the wedding project…usually I'm detailed in the description but there was a great feeling and I knew I could hide some details to surprise them without risk to fail. When the wedding day arrived and they saw the final result they almost cried… that kind of moment that remind me why I love so much this job

 A wedding specialist can bring beauty, elegance, quality, special effects….

…but the real secret behind a Successful Wedding is something that only bride&groom with their guests can bring: love, friendship and enthusiasm.

For this wedding we had them all!

There were friendship displays

We’ve been trilled.


Someone sang.

Someone danced.

And above all this, there was LOVE and HAPPINESS!



Wedding planner: White Notes Wedding Planner

Wedding location: Lake Maggiore

Wedding venue: Villa Rusconi Clerici

Wedding photographer: Giulia La Monica

Wedding flowers: I Fiori Di..

Wedding furniture: Privitera Eventi

Wedding live music : Art

Wedding dj : Dj Flash

Wedding film: Photobouquet

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