Fairy-tale wedding in a romantic castle: Federica & Mattia

Federica & Mattia's romantic real-wedding

When I think at Federica and Mattia’s wedding I think it is the perfect modern version of a timeless fairy tale: extremely romantic, but with an unmissable glamour touch, and of course set in an enchanting castle!

Let me introduce you the main character of this modern fairy tale:



I don’t have to say beautiful because that you can see by yourself. I can add talented and smart. She is the perfect balance between romance, appeal and cosmopolitanism.

If she was a city: Milan.

If she was a flower: a David Austin Rose

If she was a book: Pride and Prejudice

Ladies and Gentlemen: the enchanting Princess, alias the Bride.





Keep calm girls…he’s already married and if you are reading this article probably you are a bride-to-be!

Dynamic and aesthete, he loves to travel and to describe his point of view through photography.

With Federica he is protective but never prevaricating: because there’s no great knight where there is not respect! ????

If he was a city: London.

If he was a flower: Vanilla Planifolia

If he was a book: The Chronicles of Narnia


Mesdames et messieurs: the charming Prince, alias the Groom.



The Wedding Venue


A villa, a castle, almost a vision.

Once cross the gate, we have the perception of a unique and different world where experiencing a forgotten feeling: the enchantment of time.

The perfect location for a faity-tale wedding, nestled in a beautiful green park and surrounded by mountains.

Signore e Signori: the perfect place, alias the wedding venue.



The Bad Guy

A threatening perturbation moving around the wedding location.



About the day

Federica and Mattia were excited but relaxed, the decoration project was really charming and the wedding menu so yummy!!!

This was the picture till two days before the wedding, when some weather forecast web-sites announced a perturbation for the wedding day.

The focus of the whole wedding project was a majestic imperial table with the charming architecture of the villa in the background and a breath-taking view on the Alps. Although the “B” option with the mise en place inside the villa was really nice, for the couple, and even for us, it was not easy to renounce to the original plan. In addition, the forecasts were not uniform. On the other side, the problem was that B option required different tables, different tablecloth and different centre pieces: the decision should have been taken at last two days before the wedding.

Federica and Mattia were amazing, they kept calm and when it was the moment to communicate the decision to the suppliers they pronounced “The Sentence”:

“Mara, you know who we are and which are our desires and we know that conditions are uncertain…we are too involved now to decide what it’s better to do…we trust you, do what is the best for our wedding”.

When bride and groom to-be pronounce that sentence it is a huge reward for the wedding planner, but trust me no-one want to be in your shoes, neither yourself!

Anyway I studied with the wedding team a “last-last minute B option” in order to postpone the final decision about were setting up the mise en place to four hours before the reception (that’s the difference when you have wedding specialists on your side!!), I proposed it to Federica and Mattia and finally, the wedding day arrived.

For the whole morning we blow away the black clouds, than…


..enjoy the Happy End

The romantic ceremony in the town church.

The photo session in the wedding venue park.


The superb wedding buffet: the tradition and seaside corners and the show cooking of the mozzarella cheese and of the street food.


Wedding master piece: the imperial table.


The wedding cake, the sweet buffet and the dancing party.

 And they lived happily ever after


Wedding planner: White Notes Wedding Planner

Wedding photographer: Emanuele Uboldi

Wedding location: Milan Area

Wedding venue: Villa Lattuada

Wedding caterer: Tondini Le Gourmet

Wedding flowers: I Fiori Di..

Wedding light design: La Bottega della Musica

Wedding dj : TM Records

Wedding videographer: Federico Belloni


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