The Italian Experience - Milan 2021

Milan Design Week: two exclusive events

A great honor for me to be protagonist alongside Privitera Eventi and DDN in two of the most important events of Fuori Salone Milan 2021. A difficult edition because its organization was heavily conditioned by the complex international situation, but for this reason strongly desired and carrying a message of optimism and rebirth.
With our own language, the language of events, we appealed to the wedding world and to the corporate one to confirm our identity and to re-start together stronger than before.

The "fashion show event" and the "gala dinner" are part of the wider event DDNHub, which with its guests and its installations has been confirmed among the primary actors of the Fuori Salone in Milan.

For the occasion Privitera Eventi presented the new greenhouse La Fenice Garden, designed and produced in collaboration with MED Srl Carpenteria Metallica and the engineer Venturino D'Avella.
Innovative design with rounded shapes, modular sizes and considerable heights, for the enjoyment of performers and flower designers, will make it the sure protagonist of the most exclusive Made in Italy events in the world... as I defined it the first time I saw it: "the events Cathedral"!
At our side in communication and PR with his great professionalism Matteo Tosi, who involved for the wedding night as media partners Zankyou Italy, White Sposa and The Real Wedding.

Several brands participated in the setting up of the event. We imagined the greenhouse as a place where the guest could be welcomed and in this vision Angelo Po Grandi Cucine and Costagroup installed a professional kitchen with an attractive design in which chefs have made their show cooking dishes.
Prominent names completed the interior design: Adriana Lohman, Artwork Italian Heritage by Kerasan and Italkero.
The cameo of Cavalli and Nastri with a selection of clothes on exposition also gave a wink to another of the sectors in which Milan is the undisputed queen: fashion.
Last but not least, Lumia Fragranze completed the sensory journey inside the greenhouse with its fragrances.

The event of Monday, September the 5th. kicked off the tour that is now bringing the new bridal collection of Elisabetta Polignano all over Italy. "Metamorphosis" the theme chosen by the designer for the catwalk, which together with the Artistic Director Rita Rabassi we turned into a real show combining the bridal outfits with the performances of Nu'Art Eventi.
The event was attended by more than 450 guests, all primary players in the wedding industry.

A special thanks in both the events to Idee Da Sogno for the decorations, to Reale Collection for the colorful balloon installation and to Family Studio s.r.l. for the technical support in sound & light design.

After the magic of the show, colors and tasty scents in the show cooking festival, where food and beverage excellences created several stations. Thanks for their presence to Mas Amor Banqueting & Events, Ristorante Picasso, Bortolato Vini, Grand Hotel Alassio Beach & SPA Resort, Eugenio Boer and Pizza Ape Regina.

On Tuesday, September the 6th we honoured the Fuori Salone with a by-invitation Gala Dinner, attended by the leading figures in Italian design and entrepreneurship.

Great partner of the evening Eurotoques Italia: Gianni Tarabini, Paolo Gramaglia, Antonio Consonni, Gianluca Fusto, Cristian Benvenuto and Silvia Baracchi led by Enrico Derflingher were the chefs protagonists of the menu.

Compared to the previous night, the atmosphere completely changed: red, gold and light reflexes for a glamorous elegance and the Nu'Art performances perfectly captured the new mood.

It was a pleasure for me to be the "mistress of ceremony" and nice to hear these top chefs sharing their stories in the brief interviews of the blogger Aurora Cavallo (aka @cookergirl).

In a few lines I reported on our FuoriSalone2021, but The Italian Experience will keep going... stay tuned!




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