The Gothic essence of wedding

Ladies and Gentlemen, let me introduce you the Gothic Bride! Are you a Ghotic Bride, too?

Consuming love that overcomes death, good and evil that merge and confuse themselves in the same destiny, lights, shadows, visceral feelings before than spiritual. ”Dracula” by Bram Stoker is an aesthetics neo-gothic hosanna. The film projects in the vertical passion carousel, strong colors that hypnotize senses, losing the sense of orientation. Everything seems so far away from the wedding world, which refers a neoclassical atmosphere of harmony, balances and proportions: a tension for Beauty rather than Sublime. Nevertheless.... it can happen to meet the “Gothic bride”.

I have identified three categories of brides in my w.p.’s experience: the classic bride, the postmodern bride and the gothic one. The last one of the three is the rarest.

Strong and well-hidden personality under the mask of a puppy to protect, magnetic and searching look, involving but always distant. The gothic woman exerts a powerful influence on those around her, for her “chiaroscuro” and elusiveness: her future husband would do anything for her as a medieval knight promise of taking care of her until his death.

Working with a gothic bride is not easy at all: she’s elusive and determinate at the same time, sometimes capricious, she has the last word on everything. Without mincing words, she doesn’t let any error. Organize her marriage is like to walk in balance on a hanging thread.

Animated by emotions, she would her day to be full of these, and so everything should be planned and organized in every detail. She prefers the afternoon ceremony, which in the light passage gives a new backdrop, as well as being congenial to her nature. Music becomes the main actress, musical form and performed songs are never left to chance in an escalation of energy.

Finally, there are the decoration. Perfectionist by nature, the gothic bride asks for a breathtaking setting. She doesn’t want anything nice, but she claims the Sublime. So

not only flowers but fire, lights, shadows, strong colors and often dark. Amaze, suspend everyone in a fragment of a moment in which breath and heart beat are losing their synchronism because distracted by the senses. After surprise the desire to capture that moment in a click. But what will remain will be just an image. Because that emotion is like a vampire that no photography can ever capture.

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