Mara Poppins

Here we are, in front of the blank page of what will be the first article in this new little challenge called WnMag.

Restyling your website somehow forces you to slow down: toorganise what you want to say, and then to understand perfectly where you are and who you have become. It makes you feel brand new. It is not so far from when a woman decides to close all her clothes in a box and redo the wardrobe from A to Z: at some point, you realise you have changed so much that nothing in that closet represents you more.

In this passage, a soul with a melancholy after-taste like mine cannot resist the temptation to open up and flip through this album of memories... and here I meet you.

Then the first article can only be a "thank you" to you, for you have entrusted to me to organisation of the most important day of your life, allowing me to do what I love most: to realise dreams. A "thank you" also because if you are reading this today, it means that like me you keep alive the memory not only of your marriage but also of the time we shared in organising it.

Maybe we have not been in touch with each other for years; perhaps we have not seen each other since your wedding. Everyone’s own life goes on, and is often very intense; perhaps even you live it on the other side of the world, and it is not easy to stay in touch. Maybe that's why that embrace at the end of the wedding feels like a that moment I know that a journey is over: you will leave for your honeymoon and continue your life together, and I wish it for you that it is full of love.

At that moment I feel a little like Mary Poppins...


Bye Bye Mary Poppins


Well, well, well...

I can say that the parrot is not entirely wrong and I can say with reasonable certainty that a Mary Poppins becomes attached to her children and always remembers them with affection.

Finally, I like to think that those children, once grown up, can stumble upon a smile and remember their Mary Poppins at the sight of a flying kite.




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