Sweethearts in the age of Covid-19



I know many of you are faced with difficult decisions affecting your wedding with the spread of COVID-19 globally. Feeling overwhelmed? Not sure where to begin? Whether your wedding was originally scheduled for spring and you've since had to reschedule, or your date is a few months from now but you're just not sure what to do, first things first: breathe. Take a moment. And remember you’re not alone in this uncharted territory. If you have a wedding planner, get in touch with her as soon as possible (otherwise contact directly your vendors) and explore with them all of your options. Once you have made the call to postpone, you may need some time realized it. It is okay to feel sad (or mad!) about your changing plans, but at some point, it is time to dust yourself off and start moving forward.

Work together with your wedding planner to come up with a postponement strategy. Think about certain months or dates that you would prefer for your new date, but it is important to be flexible and keep an open mind. Your wedding planner can help you better understand your vendors’ contracts and learn more about their cancellation policies, as well as reach out to pros to start putting your plans in motion.

Find out which dates your venue still has available this year, and don’t let weekdays scare you off (hello, Monday weddings!). Your wedding planner will help you to reassemble the project team, talking to each of your wedding vendors to verify their availability on your new date and finding valid substitutes for those who are not available.

Don’t forget to communicate with your guests, let them know that you’re working on a new date and will keep them posted as soon as you have a new plan. After your new date has been booked, reach out digitally. You can also send out “change the date” cards or postponement announcements, but since those might take a while to print, it’s best to prioritize email.

Now that you have changed your date, enlisted your vendors, and communicated with your guests, you might start thinking about the minutiae of wedding planning. Although my advice is to keep as much of your original wedding intact as possible and your now-fall wedding can have a colour scheme that feels more spring-appropriate, you can enjoy the more time at your disposal to introduce those little adjustments that will bring your wedding more in tune with the new date:

Seasonal flowers

Talk with you flower designer to ensure that the flowers included in your original project are available and as beautiful even in the new date. Every season has its beauties…take advantage of them!

The right menu

Maybe it’s because I’m Italian… and you all know the Italian food tradition….but I think it would be nice to fix a new wedding menu and you’ll see it will be easier than you can imagine: your caterer will help you!

The wedding dress

At last but not least…the wedding dress! No, don’t worry, I’m not gonna suggest you to change it!! I’m just thinking that if your wedding will be in the night, in September or October in Italy, it could be better to have a chic and cosy cover-up for the after dinner party.



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