Wedding in Covid time

Unusual wedding in covid time: love will find the way!

Yesterday Enrico, a photographer with whom I collaborate very willingly and whom I admire very much, sent me the photos taken a few days ago at a wedding and asked my impressions about them. A whatsapp like many, between professionals who esteem each other.

I guess he wanted to have my opinion about the fact that they are unusual images for a wedding, after all unusual was the occasion: Ina and Teodoro decided to get married anyway, despite all the limitations due to COVID19, then postponing the party shared with all friends and relatives until when it will be possible to celebrate it fully.

But when they switched on the screen...


I believe that photography ends up being a profession to be something more when it is able to tell a story even to those who have nothing to do with the portrayed subjects.

The features of these smiling faces, the details in the clothes...if I hadn't known it was a small village nearby Varese I would have bet it was in some corner of Arizona! Strong is the feeling of suspended time around them, as if we were suddenly catapulted somewhere near the Bagdad Cafè. And in this silence even more powerful their promises emerges: you and me.

Ina and Teodoro are all of us, suspended islands in the silences we have never known before: the silences of the squares, the silences of the streets...

Love at the time of COVID19: an intimate and whispered love... an exchange of vows in an empty town hall, between two newlyweds... a café prepared in the morning, between two lovers... a math problem to be solved, between parents and children... an aperitif on zoom, between a group of friends...

Love will find the way...
...but we can't wait to get back to screaming it to the world!


Wedding photographer: Enrico Pezzaldi -

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Special thanks to all the photographers for giving a "forever" to my commitment:
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