Wedding Tour in Italy - First episode

A wonderful journey in the Italy of Wedding, our first itinerary: Milan/Venice

It was born by chance, in a direct IG with Mauro Adami, founder of the historic atelier Domo Adami and esteemed colleague, the idea to present weekly the Italian excellences related to the world of the bride and groom through a Wedding Tour that with different itineraries traveled through our wonderful Italy: locations, banqueting, partners and all the goodies to know to organize a wedding event.

For our first appointment we chose to depart from Milan and arrive at the doors of Venice: passing by the historic villas of Bergamo, among the vineyards of Franciacorta, the Garda district, the castles of Verona until the Palladian villas of the Brenta. 

A tribute to the territories that have been among the most affected by this world emergency. A departure that wants to be a positive signal of restarting.

It was not easy to choose where to stop and we necessarily had to omit many many professionals and collaborators, but after all we had to cover 300 km in one hour!


The first stop: Villa Caroli Zanchi

We didn't drive long before the first stop: just before arriving in Bergamo, in Stezzano, we met Villa Caroli Zanchi.

An impressive 19th century residence with clear references to neoclassical architecture, first among them the pronaos, raised above the garden in front, where six columns support the triangular tympanum.

This exhibition of balance is contrasted by the stylistic diversity of the interior rooms, decorated with "themed" motifs: the sparkle of the crystals of the chandeliers, the richness of the furnishings and finishes, the precious paintings and damask tapestries, the glitter of the mirrors and gilded frames. Modular and wide spaces that allow the reception to take place dynamically, even if all inside, as happens in case of bad weather or winter wedding.

The surprise and wonder that the internal rooms arouse in those who visit Villa Zanchi for the first time, find their maximum expression when the immense park behind fills the visitor's eyes: the perfect setting for aperitifs, sweet buffet, cake cutting, dancing parties and fireworks.

Everything narrates the magic of a faraway time, the emotion of parties, dances, situations that are distant from us but still kept alive by the wise interventions of conservative restoration that have brought the Villa back to its original splendor, allowing it, today as then, to serve as a precious setting for receptions of all kinds.


The second stop: "Da Vittorio" Restaurant

It's impossible in this journey of ours not to pay attention to "Da Vittorio".

"Da Vittorio" is the story of a talent. That of Vittorio Cerea who, in 1966, together with his wife Bruna opened his first restaurant in the centre of Bergamo. A young couple, in love and passionate about their work, who with professionalism, tenacity and a pinch of audacity gave life to one of the Italian excellences in the world of catering and hospitality.

Today, to take care of "Da Vittorio", are Mrs. Bruna and her five children. Enrico, known as Chicco, and Roberto, known as Bobo, are both chefs, Francesco is responsible for the wine cellar and outdoor catering, Rossella is responsible for the hospitality in the Restaurant and in the Dimora as well as being the creator and promoter of the gift line, while Barbara manages Pasticceria Cavour, the coffee and pastry shop in Bergamo Alta.

A dedication, that of the Cerea Family, rewarded by guides - such as the Three Michelin Stars - and by the loyalty of a constantly growing clientele. An unmistakable culinary style, alive and vital for over 50 years, whose common thread is well represented by the concept of "Lombard tradition and creative genius".

"Da Vittorio" is synonymous with exclusive and sought-after weddings, where even the most demanding guests find their expectations fulfilled.


The third stage: Tenuta Serradesca

We change completely suggestions and atmospheres for the third stage. We remain close to Bergamo but leave the city context far away to immerse ourselves in the greenery of Tenuta Serradesca, of Maria Acquaroli.

Surrounded by green hills and with a large park of five hectares, the estate is a farm in activity since 2013. The beautiful hexagonal vineyard frames this wonderful landscape, enriched by agricultural crops that enhance the choice of our raw materials.

The "little vegetable church" is located in the heart of the park: a very romantic space ideal to host a symbolic ceremony, and perfect to create an environment of celebration and aggregation.

A location with a country-chic soul that is certainly expressed in the atmosphere of a real vineyard wedding, but also in the kitchen: direct, immediate and elegant, characterized by local products that find a dialogue with excellent products from all over Italy.

Maria Acquaroli, chef and businesswoman, and fifth in the edition of Masterchef Italia 4, skillfully directs everything. Taste is the basis of all Maria's choices, every detail is taken care of in the form and characterized by elegance in the presentation and the fullness of flavor: a continuous research to excite with simple flavors, pleasing both to the eye and to the palate.


The fourth stage: Convent of the Annunciata

The convent is out of this world, far from everything but close to everything. An area full of surprises, very close to Lake Garda, at the foot of the morainic hills that are dotted with beautiful medieval villages. A discovery more and more current for a not mass tourism. A reception at Convento dell'Annunciata can become a pleasant pretext for a long weekend.

An old family house forgotten in the woods. A centuries-old history to discover, whispered in every corner when at night the candles are lit in the cloisters, fireflies dance in the thick of the park and the party begins. An important challenge from a naturalistic, historical and artistic point of view: to preserve for future generations an uncontaminated corner of the Italian landscape, a 15th century convent, a large park.

The essence of Convento dell'Annunciata is a combination of simplicity, history, refinement and attention to detail and the same can be said of the weddings it welcomes.

The thick forest, the secret gardens, the cloisters, the pastel colours on the shore of the lake...the future couple is asked only a little bit of imagination and the pleasure of listening and listening to each find their own path and create a unique wedding.


The fifth stage: Garda Island

Over the centuries Isola del Garda, currently owned by the Cavazza family, had various names almost always linked to the different owners. The conformation that we can admire today was born at the end of the 19th century, when the park was designed and built, enriched by terraces arranged as an Italian garden. The villa itself, in neo-Gothic-Venetian style, was built between 1890 and 1903, designed by architect Luigi Rovelli.

The building, extremely complex, has its own stylistic unity and a rare grandeur. It is certainly for a bride who dreams of a luxurious and exclusive wedding reception.

On the island it is possible to organize the entire event, from the ceremony (also civil) to the ball, or just the ceremony followed by a small aperitif and then continue the celebrations in another location.

With its breathtaking views the Loggia is undoubtedly a magical place and for this reason it is often chosen to host the most important moments of the wedding, such as the ceremony or the cutting of the cake. It is also very popular with brides for the photo shoot both during the preparation and in the portraits with the groom.

The lovely Italian garden, just below the loggia, offers a perfect area for a welcome aperitif or after the ceremony while the park and the port area can host the dinner placée and after dinner with the ball.


The sixth stage: Villa Bettoni

A monumental garden unique in all of Lombardy that embraces a villa that combines grandeur and grace to the highest degrees, all set between the peaks of the mountains and the shores of Lake Garda, in one of its most beautiful stretches. This is the historic home of the Counts Bettoni, in Bogliaco, where the descendants of the family still reside and which today opens its doors to events and weddings in a captivating balance of exclusivity and a warm welcome with the flavour of home.

This sumptuous dwelling was born as a place of representation, meeting and all its rooms were therefore designed as stages and sets for celebratory moments of life: here then the hosting of great events is a return to its full essence and each event can be built as a unique and unrepeatable show.

From the romantic garden facing the lake, with the architectural balance of the villa behind it and the intense blue of Lake Garda in front of it, to the terraces, suspended between the lake and the sky. From the imposing Italian garden, whose scenic architecture harmoniously blends in with that of the villa, to the interiors, how not to mention the staircase leading to the magnificent hall, which occupies three entire floors of the palace and opens on one side towards the mountains and on the other towards the lake.

Everything is born to welcome in elegance.


The seventh stage: Dogana Veneta

Before we left Lake Garda, we wanted to stop in Lazise, moving to the eastern shore. The historic centre of the town is entirely surrounded by a ring of medieval walls with six towers, dominated by the powerful Rocca Scaligera. The houses and other buildings are characterized by ancient stone facades, which preserve the charm of the original architecture, making the village attractive to Italian and foreign visitors.

Right in the main square of this medieval village, close to the ancient small port and directly on the shore of Lake Garda, is what in Venetian times was the seat of the customs office for the payment of the transit duty for goods between Lombardy and the Republic of Venice, hence the name Dogana Veneta.

Following the restoration in 2003, this fascinating structure has become a location destined to host prestigious private and corporate events and make its guests dream with its aperitifs at sunset on the terrace-sitting room directly on the lake shore.

Dogana Veneta is the ideal space for a wedding that dares to go outside the classical schemes, the materiality of the old exposed beams and the stone walls in contrast with the large windows facing the lake and the liquidity of the landscape offers a very interesting scenario for design with an industrial flavor.

In addition, the medieval village "to live", the possibility to celebrate the civil rite on site and the proximity of the church for the religious rite (with the possibility to celebrate in different languages), makes it the ideal location for a destination wedding. Perfect also for a winter wedding, also considering that Lazise is considered one of the most beautiful villages for the Christmas atmosphere.

Unconventional bride, this stage is for you!


The eighth stage: Nu'Art Events

Nu'Art Eventi was the first company in Italy to contaminate body art, theatre arts and scenography, musical and non musical performances and to bring the explosive mix that resulted in the world of events. Today the Nu'Art team creates unique concept to production performances, taking care of every detail: from the movements of the performers, to makeup and clothes, from light to sound.

The impact on the event is truly unique and reinforces the experiential element for the guest.

Precisely the uniqueness of each project makes the relationship between the Art Director and the Wedding Planner very close and from our direct experience we can say that when the number of guests is particularly important, the Nu'Art is also strategic to direct the flow of people with great elegance and fluidity.

Spectacular, magnetic and highly professional, but the fundamental element, secret of their success, is that special bond that artists manage to create with guests through the channel of emotions.

A real must have for weddings that want to "go further".


The ninth stage: Bevilacqua Castle

Each stage a different atmosphere. We are now close to Montagnana in the heart of the Veronese plain between Verona, Vicenza, Padua and Rovigo, where we are welcomed by an authentic 14th century castle: the Relais Castello Bevilacqua.

A magical place suspended between the present and the past, a historic residence full of charm that hosts events and particularly suggestive stays.

A powerful restoration work has restored the castle to its ancient splendour, maintaining its authentic flavour but adding the warmth of hospitality.

The rooms, furnished in style, are of great value, as is the kitchen: the elegance of the halls of the castle are the backdrop to a journey into the traditional flavors of the Veneto.

The menu brings to the table the best dishes of Mediterranean and local cuisine accompanied by the most prestigious wine labels. A procession of culinary pleasures that conquers the guest plate after plate, starting from creative appetizers to the irresistible temptation of the Dolce del Castello.

The rigour that probably had to characterize the management of the manor house in past eras can be found in the attention to detail, the impeccable service and the hospitality with which the bride and groom and their guests are welcomed.

And then there is the pleasure of returning ... maybe for their anniversary.


The tenth stop: Villa Foscarini Rossi

For our last stop we stop in Stra, along the Riviera del Brenta, where the 17th century architectural complex Villa Foscarini-Rossi stands. On the banks of the Brenta, the noble Venetian families built important holiday homes on the Riviera del Brenta, a mirror of their wealth and power. According to aristocratic custom, the Foscarini family called illustrious architects, painters and decorators, entrusting them with the task of creating and decorating a residence that expressed the importance of the family, especially since the family had given the Serenissima a Captain da Mar and a Doge.

After careful restoration, the entire complex was opened to the public, returning to life and hosting two permanent exhibitions in the halls of the Villa and exclusive events in the guest quarters.

In addition to sumptuousness and elegance, this location has the rare quality of being able to offer great capacity in a unique space: both in the indescribable Salone delle Feste and in the attic with exposed beams.

For this reason it is a particularly popular location for large receptions, even if even more intimate weddings find an enveloping and welcoming environment.



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