Once upon a time

I can show you the world shining, shimmering, splendid tell me, princess, now when did you last let your heard decide?Alladin

What does fairytale wedding means? Romance, passion: the wedding is the realisation of a dream. It's the perfect happy ending to the most beautiful fairy tale ever told: your own.

The soundtrack to this wedding is "Love is in the air"; the enthusiasm of the couple is contagious, and at the conclusion of this wonderful adventure with them, you too, as the wedding planner, firmly believe in a fairy godmother exists: in some cases you really feel that you are the fairy godmother!

The ideal setting is a historical villa, dramatic in its architecture: baroque elements are almost a must. Another valid alternative could be a castle with a view of the hills, particularly if there is a long and spectacular staircase on which to lose your glass slipper.

The fairytale wedding needs big broad spaces: it adores high frescoed ceilings and Murano glass chandeliers. The fittings have heirloom status: candelabras, martini cups, Medici vases, etc. The delicacy of the flower is enhanced in contrast with silver, gold and sparkling materials. Drops of light move between the compositions, scattered by beautiful crystal fittings.

The ritual ceremony is not only respected but emphasised: the entry of the spouses, their dance, the cutting of the cake. For each of them, there is a where, a how, a when and a soundtrack .... because everything must be magical.


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