Warm Winter

And they loved each other suspended on a thread of snow.Maxence Fermine

Winter wedding? Why not! If spring and summer are the typical seasons for falling in love, the season for the romanticism that makes us feel so much part of a couple is undoubtedly the winter: where we drink steaming mugs together under the plaid on the sofa, and where we walk in a tight embrace against the cold.Romanticism is in that kiss under the mistletoe so that "we will never leave each other". And then to warm the heart, there is the first snowfall of the year and Christmas. “As long as you love me so: let it snow, let it snow, let it snow.”

If you have found yourself completely enchanted by these first few lines; if only through the mention of the words "snow" and "Christmas” you feel your inner child looking at you with big eyes; and if you feel an compelled to give him/her a gift... then let this gift be the most beautiful day of your life!

A winter wedding is unconventional in itself: statistically less widespread than the summer "en plein air", it evokes entirely different decorative themes. You can take advantage of elements not present in other seasons such as tulips, anemones, amaryllis and buttercups, which personally I love to combine with eucalyptus green and different elements such as berries and cotton in bloom.

You could give a warmer inspiration to all of this, choosing the warm colours of the wood, the dark green of the pine or, why not, a cabin in the high mountains. Or maybe you prefer a more glamorous interpretation: a nod to the world of ice between glass and crystal, perhaps in a metropolitan loft. I must say that after the incredible success of the animated film Frozen, I foresee a boom of this trend in twenty years’ time, when the young girls who now want Elsa's dress, Elsa's birthday cake, and who know every movement and every word from the film, receive the engagement ring as adults.

If, then, you want to add magic to magic, the choice is inevitably a December wedding: the most beautiful “Yes” of your life shared and celebrated under the Christmas tree.

After all, Christmas has inspired many happy endings; why not add another special one to that list?


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