Total White Wed

White, if my love had a color, it would not be red like the heart, but white. Pure, innocent, tender, which invites you to sweets and delicate thoughts, but at the same time strong, strong enough to hold in itself all the other colors.Anton Vanligt

The total white wedding is magic.

Eskimos have more than fifty ways to describe white; women have more than fifty funny expressions to describe the white colour of the wedding dresses they try.

And then there's him: the groom. Sitting next to his wife-to-be, in front of the ribbon samples: organza, satin.... intent on choosing their wedding colour. He can not believe that this choice takes more than five minutes; he looks at his love and wonders: "We already decided white, no?".

She looks at him with a mixture of tenderness and pedantry: "Yes, my love; the point, though, is which white? White seems a little too generic a term, don’t you think?".

"This one."

"That's ivory."

"This one!"

"So strong?? It's too cold... I would like a gentler white... a milky white... "

He counts to three, then detaches his brain for the next half hour.

But can you blame the future bride? 

An optical white, expressed by shiny materials such as satin, porcelain, or flowers such as hydrangea, lisianthus or orchid, reflects a glamorous, modern, and somewhat minimalistic soul.

However, it is sufficient to switch from satin to natural fabrics such as linen or cotton, or from porcelain to ceramic, and to place among the flowers the rose... and within a heartbeat, romance is in the air. The “total white effect” doesn’t impose itself anymore, as once used to; on the contrary, it envelops the guest, bringing the balance of the great classic wedding.

Behind this choice, we often find a bride of great elegance, although perhaps somewhat moderate in her way of being: a brilliant soul, but not a lover of excess.

Flowers compact this minimalistic vision in the first case; soft compositions are key to the more romantic second theme.

Anyway, whichever nuance of white is chosen, the must-have concept for a total white wedding is that white is the choice of a colour, not a non-colour.


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