Country Yard

There is a place in the world where the heart beats fast, where you remain breathless for how much emotion you feel; where time stops, and you no longer have an age. That place is in your arms where the heart does not mean age, while the mind never ceases to dream.Alda Merini

Country yard wedding?

Many places in Italy are known all over the world: for their art, landscapes, history, tradition, gastronomy... But the splendours Italy are not limited to the famous names.

Brianza, Monferrato, Langhe, Emilia Romagna, Umbria: these are lands full of charm waiting to be discovered!


Between the blue of Lake Como and the Milan skyline, here is a green heart full of ancient historical villas. We are in Brianza, the privileged place which the Milanese nobility chose for their summer life: in these precious residences art and literature were born, and symphonies and political texts were composed.

A little further on, among the soft hills of Monferrato, a land of wine and of simple gestures which mark the seasons, a billiard match decided the fate of the Italian capital, deciding to relocate it from Turin to Florence when still Rome was still a faraway kingdom.

For those who love genuine flavours and prefer vigorous handshakes to historical anecdotes, I suggest the hills of Umbria and Marche, which are far less tame than those of Tuscany.

If on the other hand you prefer dizzy heights to harmony, the Alps with their breathtaking views are the answer for a unconventional wedding... perhaps on the snow!


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