At school, they taught me to write my name, Chaplin, and I liked it. I found that he resembled me.Charlie Chaplin

 Wedding planner what a passion! 

I would be lying if I wrote that being a wedding planner was always my dream,. The first time I heard about this profession was from an American friend in Lisbon... I remember looking up at the sky and asking: “What’s that? A wedding planner?” Me, I wanted to become an account leader in advertising: to focus on the client, his/her needs, and to enter into his/her world and to develop this not only into a creative idea but into a whole project of precise, coordinated, captivating and effective communication. That’s why I decided to graduate in Public Relations, with a specialisation in Consumer Goods and Advertising.

But fate had foreseen something different for me.

Thus, after a brief internship in a public relations agency in Como, where I had my first contact with Weddingland, I was selected to follow the start-up of a project which involved some of the most important names related to wedding organisation in Italy. Working shoulder to shoulder with them was an incomparable education: not only because of the great know-how I received but also because it allowed me to build the foundations of the network which expanded over the years to give me the answer to every need I face today.


I found that I had become a wedding planner, when still in Italy we did not fully understand what it meant to carry out this role. And then I found out that no profession in this world would be more suitable for me.


What I like:

I like that my client is not called the “customer” but rather the “couple”

I like the uniqueness of each project

I like to empathise with the couple, to understand them, and to translate their way of being into their wedding

I like to think that even if time passes by and everyone goes their own way, from time to time my newlyweds (yes, because they remain "my newlyweds" forever!) still think of me

I like maintaining people’s trust, especially when we talk about the most important day of their lives

I like the creative moment when chaos takes shape

I like it when we structure the project at last... and I can never wait to make it happen!

I like the cutting of the cake, because I look at my happy couple, on the most beautiful day of their lives, surrounded by those they love the most... and I realise that I did my job well, and I can go back to having a normal heartbeat

I like working in a team, with the couple and with my partners

I like being a strong point of reference because I like everything to go as planned

I like to go against the current, and to steal small suspended moments of joy while the world carries on turning

I like going to school to pick up my children, and taking them for a picnic at the lake

I like finding the idea that came to my mind while I watch my children playing



What I do not like

I do not like the copy-paste approach

I do not like people who do not respect others: for example, who lie on their CV or take advantage of the enthusiasm of the couple, without guaranteeing the level of quality that they have promised

I do not like wedding projects which don’t work in case of rain, and which do not provide for a prompt response to the unexpected

I do not like those people who never miss the opportunity of telling you how busy they are, because I have understood that those who do more are the ones who complain less

I do not like those who snort at ideas continuously: I find it a great waste of energy

I do not like those who go to weddings but don’t celebrate the couple

I do not like the idea of having only 24 hours each day; I wish I knew how to use all 48 hours most effectively

I do not like hypocrisy

I do not like apathy

I do not like those who think that marketing means to sell something that is not there

I do not like those who match the beautiful with the superficial


Come and meet me and let's create your “ I do.”



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