Aromatic: what a passion!

New protagonists in the decorative installations, we saw them at ease in the country chic wedding as in the most refined historical locations.

If you are in the midst of the excitement of organizing your wedding and love aromatic seedlings, this is the article for you!

Rosemary, sage, lavender, but also mint and chilli, from the kitchen have entered our hearts as decorative seedlings and in recent years have conquered the role of protagonists also in the decorative projects of the great wedding designers.

Initially an alternative to flowers for the most rustic contexts, today they represent the love for authentic and genuine things and a newfound relationship with the rural tradition. From the symbolic ceremony to the religious one, from buffets to centrepieces, from placeholders to favours, I use them a lot when the newlyweds want a country-chic atmosphere and I think I don't surprise you in the thing!

I also find it very refined to use them alone for the entire set-up, combining them with candles and refined décor elements. In this case to make the decoration very present it is important to work with aromatics of different types, to create contrasts of greens that, especially in the case of imperial tables, make the depth and do not turn out as an indefinite stain, especially in the photographs of the wedding. Heights are also important and therefore I always work with vases of different diameters, to have seedlings of different sizes. Particular attention must be given to the choice of those that will compose the centrepiece to always stay below or above the look line, otherwise the decoration will be beautiful to see but your guests will hate it because they will not be able to talk to each other.

If the wedding reception will be evening, the watchword is candles: from recycled jars if you want more rustic atmospheres to candlesticks with stem candles if you want a refined and refined table instead. The choice of the entire mise en place will also have to be declined to be harmonious with the stylistic figure of the wedding and the details of the décor that complete the picture are fundamental.

Most of the time the bride's choice falls on the combination of aromatics with flowers: a brushstroke of romance that is difficult to give up! My advice is to use "soft" flowers, not necessarily in the field but in full bloom. The essences I particularly love to combine are hydrangeas, peonies, lisianthus, cutters, English roses and astilbe. Subjective is the choice of colours: the most classic brides do not give up the timeless elegance of green combined with total white flowers, the most romantic ones harmonize the greens with the shades of pink, while the most lively brides dare with the complete palette of pastel colours.

Not only wedding receptions en plain air, but aromatic seedlings can also be the right answer even for newlyweds who have chosen a villa as a location for their wedding. However, if outdoors they work in almost all contexts, in the historic rooms the wedding designer must pay attention to creating a set-up of the table that is harmonious with the architecture that houses it. 

This is a fundamental rule for me always: when creating a decorative project you can choose to be in tune with the context that hosts you or you can choose to go into contrast, even to create surreal suggestions, but in any case the vision that appears to the guest must be harmonious.

What about the bride's bouquet??? Can it be done with aromatics??? Maybe I'd avoid them in pots, but sage or rosemary sprigs, why not?


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