Greenhouse wedding: the new luxury concept

The new concept for the most exclusive weddings, in particular for destination weddings, is the greenhouse: venue into venue.

In recent years, Italy has been chosen as a privileged location by couples and wedding planners from all over the world for its wonderful historical residences, set in unique landscapes: Lake Como, Tuscany, cities of art, with Florence, Rome and Venice above all, Apulia and Amalfi Coast are the most popular sceneries.

Due to the growing desire to create unique and exclusive wedding projects and the need to have very large spaces available to accommodate an important number of guests, the trend that is imposing for 2021 is the choice of greenhouses as venue within the venue.

Originally created as option B to safeguard the performance of the reception in case of bad weather, the events marquees have evolved in design and materials turning into a stylistic choice.

The concept of greenhouses pleases bride and groom, who can live in total freedom the feeling of reception outdoors without the fear of bad weather. It pleases wedding planners, who can have at their disposal a unique space that can be modulated according to organizational needs. It is even more appealing to wedding designers, who have at their disposal a space that can be imaginatively interpreted freely, with all the necessary hangings to create spectacular aerial scenographies, which is why performers like it too.

The spearhead in this sector is undoubtedly the Great Phoenix greenhouse, by Privitera Eventi, chosen to represent Made in Italy design at important events such as the Fuorisalone del Mobile and the Milan fashion week.

The secret of its success? Undoubtedly its elegance, which allows it to be combined with historical residences and landscape contexts of the highest value without being belittled. Here she is, protagonist of the most exclusive events in the most glamorous locations in Italy: from Venice to Lake Como, from Milan to Tuscany.

Let's not forget that after this strong experience of months spent in our homes, the next wedding season will express the joy of living the open spaces and the connection with nature. Therefore, the indoor/outdoor continuum offered by the large openings and windows of the greenhouse represents the most natural answer.

The decorative projects will follow this trend, with natural and fluid floral scenographies that will fade away separations: inside/outside, sky/earth.

An interpretation that I love very much and that I think will find great response is the one of the romantic garden: potted plants, even large ones, envelop the reception area creating almost intimate paths and niches.

Following the aesthetic canons from which it draws inspiration, those of the nineteenth-century English romantic garden, this installation is based on the combination and alternation of natural and artificial elements, including statues, vases and furnishing elements, as well as the tables of the mise en place.

A sophisticated and fascinating setting, in which the designer and the performers can express all their creativity and culture also drawing from the great artistic tradition.

Without wanting to minimize the value of the decoration, I believe that the great beauty of luxury greenhouses lies in the fact that they do not need decor: their design offers value and elegance for those who prefer a lighter style, in the perspective of "less is more". An interesting choice can therefore be to leave the structure clean and concentrate the strength of the decor on the mise en place.

Very clean to the point of being almost minimal rather than baroque with dramatic set up aerial or not, it is certainly that the greenhouse is establishing itself as a real must have for every wedding and event that wants to have an exclusive attitude.


Event photographer: Alessandro Arena

Event project by The Great Phoenix team, in the amazing Great Phoenix by Privitera Eventi, of which I am a proud member

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