Babila and Alessandro, escape to the dream

The very beginning of a real-wedding: keep reading to find out how fate brings people together!

It was ten to eight in the evening; the bridal exhibition was about to close to public signing at the end of what we could define a day "down". Expectations concerning public participation had crumbled with the passage of the hours, and there were young couples left waiting. In these situations, there are two possible reactions: feeling angry and down, or laughing about it. Of course, my neighbouring stand and I spontaneously took the second option, and with the pleasant complicity based on mutual jokes and the irony which was ferrying us slowly to the end of the day, we laughed about it, even though the weight of my eight-month belly was now beginning to shift the emotional balance towards a certain listless disappointment.

It was then when fate intervened, and White Notes met Babila and Alessandro, nicknamed by all Babale.

"Are you a flower designer?", she asked me self-sufficiently.

"No, I am a wedding planner," I replied without even pretending to get up from the table where I was leaning awkwardly.

"Ah, no! No wedding planner for me: I organise my marriage by myself”.

At that moment, in that place, that phrase was a cue: I crossed the other exhibitors’ glance, and I got up with deliberate theatricality and, slightly dangling my head, I said: "No, excuse me, why? What’s your problem with wedding planners? ".

She looked at me with something between shock and amusement... maybe it was the moment in which they decided that I would have been their wedding planner. The fact is that, after ten minutes, I was officially hired.

From that evening seven months passed to the wedding day. As the owners of a great cosmetics brand, Laila, every day for Babila and Alessandro is challenging and, as often happens for many of us, work risks absorbing us completely. Our meetings, devoted to something so beautiful and important as their marriage, represented moments of escape from all commitments... we were completely dedicated to them, and to making them fully experience the joy of the journey. We shared ideas and emotions: each one of us made his world available to the other, and the final result was a unique wedding. There was plenty of sun, despite the fact that it threw it down outside!

Expectation, tension, deep feeling, awareness, joy, surprise and love: this was the rainbow unveiled at Babale's Wedding.



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